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    • Fiber Galvo Scanner
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      Fiber Galvo Scanner

      Feature 1. Super High-speed Scanner Head 2. Excellent accuracy Specifications Super High-speed Fiber Laser Marking Galvanometer ScannerRead More
    • CO2 Galvo Scanner
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      CO2 Galvo Scanner

      Feature 1. Super High-speed Scanner Head 2. Excellent accuracy Specifications CO2 Galvo ScannerRead More
    • IPL Galvo Scanner
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      IPL Galvo Scanner

      IPL galvo scanner is our latest R&D of high-performance galvanometer, its vertical incident light structure has small size, light weight, high speed, flexible operation, etc. A full range of security protection function and custom software, makes the stability and...Read More
    • 360 Degree Swivel Lens
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      360 Degree Swivel Lens

      360°swivel lens is a lens that freely rotates 360 degree while attached to a laser machines. A swivel lens is also known as a swiveling lens, swivelling lens, and rotating lens. 360 degree swivel lens is applied to laser mould welding machine, it allows for unconstrained...Read More
    • Fiber Cable
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      Fiber Cable

      Fiber cable- Orign of Japan Fiber Cables could deliver up to several kW from Diode and Solid State lasers resulting from their assembly with a larger size connectors of special design with diameter spans 2.5, 4, 10 and 15mm - or with Mitsubishi connectors of D-80 and D-200...Read More
    • Optical Path
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      Optical Path

      We can provide OEM and system integrators with a range of high performance components and sub-assemblies of Nd:YAG laser at much competitive prices. These components and sub-assemblies include laser head (pump chamber with Nd:YAG rod and lamp, laser resonator including rear...Read More
    • Laser Head
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      Laser Head

      Laser beam delivery, laser welding head, handheld laser torch -Sealed for industrial requirements -Stable and accurate -Easy mounting These type laser beam head designed to meet industrial environment constrain providing safety and sealing against contamination for free space...Read More
    • Q-switch
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      1. Industry standard water cooled Acousto-opticQ-Switch, for use in high power lamp or diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers. 2. Provide superior corrosion resistance whilst maintaining optimum performance and RF power handling capabilities up to 100W. 3. Combining top grade fused...Read More
    • laser module
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      laser module

      Superwave laser has developed a full product line of Diode-Pumped Solid State laser modules for industry applications. This is the GN series water-cooled diode-pumped Nd:YAG modules. The output power is from 20W up to 500W (@1064nm). These modules can be used as laser...Read More
    • CO2 Laser Source
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      CO2 Laser Source

      CO2 Laser source is the most important part of CO2 laser machineS, its quality determined laser machine quality, long time lifespan, high quality laser beam, stable performance and maintenance. This is what a good laser machine needed. We have cooperated with Synrad, Access,...Read More
    • OEM Fiber Laser Source
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      OEM Fiber Laser Source

      Brand IPG laser source SPI laser source Max photonics laser source Raycus laser source JPT laser source Product Feature Short turning on time, short pulse, high peak power, wide repetitive frequency range There is no leak when the laser are switched off There is no shadow and...Read More
    • OEM Ceramic Reflectors
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      OEM Ceramic Reflectors

      Ceramic Reflector (Ceramic Diffuse Reflector) Ceramic reflectors are recently used in laser pump chambers. Its main advantages are long life time. Description A porous alumina ceramic of99.7% Al2O3content, used extensively for long-life laser reflectors. This material is...Read More