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    • Rotary Clamp
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      Rotary Clamp

      it is used to mark on the cylinder's surface, or weld cylinder workpiece. Our laser marking or welding software can be used to drive the motorized rotary clamp. R50, R80 and R100 are popular used. For example, the largest diameter of the workpiece that can be installed...Read More
    • Magnetic Clamp
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      Magnetic Clamp

      Magnetic Clamping Sphere is a switchable permanent magnet which allows for flexible clamping especially in laser welding plant. A switchable permanent magnet, for clamping the work piece, is built into a spherical housing which allows for any kind of pivoting or turning...Read More
    • Custom Jigs
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      Custom Jigs

      According to customers' products, we are available to custom jigs and fixtures to perfectly work with laser welding machine or laser marking machine automatically. Jig and Fixture Tooling have the advantage of greatly increasing work efficiency, saving manpower, good...Read More