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    • Jewelry And Watch
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      Jewelry And Watch

      Laser Technology Jewelry and watch Repair in& Production Laser Technology is the ideal tool for micro processing of precious metals, and Widely used by manufacturers and retailers for repairs & Production. It has the lowest possible mechanical and thermal load of...Read More
    • Eyeglasses industry
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      Eyeglasses industry

      Laser machine play a huge role in glasses manufacturing industry, glasses manufacturing enterprises of high-tech automation equipment has been adopted to produce, because of the product were compared with the past more scientific, more intelligent, more perfect...Read More
    • Dental Industry
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      Dental Industry

      Dental Laser For dental lab, Laser Welding Technology makes the production and repair of dental prostheses easier, saving both time and cost. It helps dental technicians all kinds of repair and production works, including new cast clasp assembly, loops and posts for tooth...Read More
    • Tool And Mold
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      Tool And Mold

      Laser Welding Laser Marking for Tool Die and Mold Repairs Laser welding is the best technology to repair Tool and Mold with Precise, fast and without distortion. It has popular used in plastic injection mold, dies tooling repair and craft workshops as an alternative to...Read More
    • Hardware And Kitchenware
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      Hardware And Kitchenware

      Hardware and Kitchenware Full-scale Laser Solutions for a wide range ofHardware and Kitchenware products, include kitchenware welding & marking such as Kettle Welding, Caddy Welding, Nozzles, Housings and Heat exchangers, Vaccum Cup Welding, Sink Kitchenware Welding and...Read More
    • Fabric And Leather
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      Fabric And Leather

      A New laser technology to replace traditional JEAN Water Washing-Say goodbye to water pollution! CNC laser technology treat on the surface of the jean denim to carburate dyes and produce any design of patterns, such as gradient image, jeans grinding, blanch and achieve the...Read More
    • 3C Industry
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      3C Industry

      3C is computer, communication and consumer electronics. Nowadays, a number of IT industries are marching towards the 3C area and taking the combination of 3C with technology products as a breakthrough of their development. 3C electronic products play various roles in...Read More
    • Battery Industry
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      Battery Industry

      Superwave Laser welding is widely used in the sealing of stainless or aluminum batteries shell, such as cylindrical battery, cell phone battery, Supercapacitor, power battery, tab and pole piece, etc.Read More
    • LED Marking
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      LED Marking

      Laser Marking Technology are highly demanded in LED industries, available for makring various metals and alloys (Especially Aluminium Alloy), Specific surface managed metals (Parkerising, Anodized Aluminum, Electroplating), Plastic (PVC/PC/PU), ABS, Epikote, etc 1....Read More
    • Sheet Metal Cutting
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      Sheet Metal Cutting

      Superwave Laser systems can cut different thickness sheet metal and tubes, from small batch sizes to large sizes. It's applicable for Carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickling plate and aluminium zinc plate,...Read More
    • Automobile Industry
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      Automobile Industry

      As early as more than a decade ago, the European car industry began to the high power laser used for automobile body welding and cutting, in order to promote the steady development of the laser processing equipment made a positive contribution.Laser technology has become one...Read More
    • packing marking in production line
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      packing marking in production line

      Superwave laser marking machine is a perfect solution for marking materials commonly used in packaging industry, like PET, paper, glass, cardboard and polymers. The computer-controlled system can easily mark expiration dates, barcodes, batch or serial numbers automatically....Read More