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Application Of Laser Welding In Power Battery Industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Power battery is the power source that provides power for tools. It mostly refers to the battery that provides power for electric cars, electric trains, electric bicycles and golf carts. Power battery as the main power supply battery is widely used in industry, life and other aspects. Recently, with the booming production and sales of new energy vehicles, China has become the world's largest market.

Power battery is the core part of new energy vehicle, which directly determines the performance of the vehicle. The production process can be divided into front-end, middle-end and back-end equipment. The precision and automation level of equipment will directly affect the efficiency and consistency of the battery. In 2020, the total demand for power lithium battery will reach 37GWh, more than ten times of that in 2014. The expansion of power battery will directly drive the demand for equipment. As a midstream equipment linking upstream raw materials and downstream products, laser welding technology has begun to enter people's field of vision, but the mystery of its process application is still covered by a layer of mystery. Thanks to the body in the laser industry, the author today feel the pulse point of the industry development of six acupoints, take the opportunity to open the veil, reveal the laser welding in the power battery industry application.