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Will laser marking technology replace the traditional marking process?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Compared with traditional marking technology, laser marking technology has obvious advantages. First, the marking speed is beyond the traditional marking technology, which greatly improves the processing efficiency; Secondly, laser marking machine marked patterns and words clear, never wear, its lines can even reach the millimeter to micron level, with a strong anti-counterfeiting function; Thirdly, the laser marking machine adopts the non-contact processing method, which minimizes the heat effect and avoids the deformation of the processing materials. Fourth, laser marking machine without consumable materials, no environmental pollution, a forming advantages, effectively reduce the production cost and environmental pollution risk for enterprises.
Because its has incomparable advantage over traditional marker, laser marking machine has been widely used in the field of various materials processing, including plastic products, handicrafts, food packaging, PVC board, PCB, bags etc. Nonmetal industries, as well as the precision instruments and meters, coal machinery, auto parts, household appliances and other metal industry, there are some special materials, can see the figure of the laser marking machine.