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The reason and solution of easy burr in laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Laser cutting machine has been common in sheet metal processing, because of high efficiency, high quality of finished products cutting, has become a standard equipment for sheet metal processing station. But some customers in the use of laser cutting machine, cutting out the workpiece burr, a lot of people think that the quality of laser cutting machine products, in fact not all.
In the process of sheet metal processing, laser cutting machine gas purity, parameter Settings, will affect the quality of processing, equipment + gas + parameters, adjusted to the best, cutting out of the workpiece is no burr.
How are burrs produced?
In fact, burr is the metal material surface excessive residual particles. When the laser cutting machine in the processing of the workpiece, the laser beam irradiation of the workpiece surface energy to make the workpiece surface vaporization, and evaporation, to achieve the purpose of cutting. But there is one device that we have to pay attention to, and that is gas.
Gas is when the workpiece surface gasification, blow off the workpiece surface slag, if not using gas, slag cooling, will form burrs attached to the cutting surface. Therefore, the purity of the gas should be high, you can change to a higher quality gas supplier, the purity of the gas is very important, do not use cylinder gas, because after two filling, the purity is not good, and waste gas.
Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself, as well as parameter setting factors, so when customers buy the laser cutting machine, to let the experienced operator debug the equipment. So we should try to adjust the cutting parameters to the best, air pressure flow focal length cutting speed of what, to go through many adjustments, the parameters provided by the machine is not cut out of the workpiece of high quality.
If a material appears burr, then the material can be qualitative will be defective, the more burr, so the quality of nature is lower.
In general, the laser cutting machine burr, can be from the following aspects of troubleshooting, to solve:
1, the output power of the laser cutting machine is not enough.
Solution: check the work of the laser cutting machine is normal. Abnormal needs timely repair and maintenance. Check that the output value is correct if it is normal.
2. The upper and lower positions of the focus of the beam are deviated.
Solution: adjust the focus position according to the offset position.
3, cutting machine gas purity is not enough.
Solution: change the gas.
4, cutting machine line cutting speed is too slow.
Solution: adjust the cutting speed in time.
5, the cutting machine laser beam point deviation.
Solution: focus of the debugging, timely adjustment
6, laser cutting machine operation time is too long and the instability.
Solution: turn off the machine and restart and let the machine rest.
Laser cutting machine is a precision machine, often a data error will cause the abnormal operation of its work, so in the work to be strict, reduce errors.