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The leather industry adopts the advantage of laser cutting-superwave laser machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China fiber laser welder manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine compared with the traditional way of cutting is not only low price, low consumption. And because there is no mechanical stress, laser processing of workpiece so cut out the effect of the products, precision and cutting speed are very good. And it also has a safe in operation and easy maintenance, etc. Can work 24 hours continuously.

The non-woven fabric of the non-woven fabric that the laser machine cut is not yellow, and the automatic edge is not scattered, it is not deformed, it will not be hard, the size is consistent and accurate. Can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer design graphic, can cut any shape to any size of lace. Because of the combination of laser and computer technology, the user can achieve laser engraving output and change engraving at any time by designing on the computer.

Leather industry is in an update, leather special laser cutting machine has broken the traditional manual and electric cutting speed is slow and difficult to layout, fully solves the problem of efficiency reach and waste materials. Laser cutting machine speed, the operation is simple, just put the input to the computer graphics and size to be cut, the machine will use the whole of the material cut into you need the finished product, no cutting tool, do not need to mold, using a laser to realize non-contact processing, simple and rapid.

Used in leather, bags and shoes, shoes material manufacturer of laser cutting engraving machine, cutting, carving and hollow out, for all kinds of leather material processing: high-grade shoes, leather bags, leather cutting special shapes, no burrs, standard size, small error (+ / - 0.1 mm), effect of soft, no high frequency or the blunt knife die cutting pressure. It can also depict special effects or patterns on leather to make the finished products more precise and creative.