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The composition principle of laser welding machine-superwave laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 06, 2017

(1) laser laser is one of the important components, laser processing equipment for laser welding and cutting, demands in transverse mode for the base model, laser power can generally according to the requirements of the processing quality.

(2) optical system: the transmission and focusing of the beam is used for the transmission of high power or large energy. It must be shielded to avoid harm to human beings. In the small power system, the focus is mostly used in the lens, and in the high power system, the reflection focusing mirror is generally used.

(3) laser processing machine: its precision has great influence on the precision of welding cutting. According to the relative motion of the beam and the workpiece, the laser processing machine can be divided into two dimensions, three and five dimensions.

(4) radiation parameter sensor: used to detect the output power or output power of the laser, and control the output power or energy.

(5) process media transmission system: the system is used to transmit inert gas and protect the weld. For the welding of high power CO2, the suitable mixing gas can be carried out for different welding materials. The plasma parts above the welds can be blown away to improve the energy efficiency and increase the weld depth.

(6) process parameter sensor: it is mainly used to detect temperature, surface condition and plasma characteristics of the processing area, so as to make necessary adjustment through the control system.

(7) control system: real-time display and alarm of parameters, input parameters and control, as well as protection.

(8) the he-ne laser is used to direct the control of the optical path and the workpiece of the workpiece by using the small-power he-ne laser.

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