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The application of laser marking machine in mobile phone industry is promising

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2018

Laser marking machine has now been applied to many industries product marking, mobile phone manufacturing industry is no exception, jin silks with laser small make up to the party today everybody is very familiar with the iphone apple mobile phones, for example about the laser marking machine, since the advent of apple from apple 5, 5 s, 6, 8. Recent Iphone products every parts basically have laser marking machine processing, such as in the iphone 5 following from internal, IC, metal conductive, qr code has impressed with unique content, prevent imitation of counterfeit products. Then there's a manufacturer and a black font on the back of the iphone, and it looks like the ink on it. But it's actually not a printing ink, it's not a silk screen. Yes, it's also a laser. The iphone's shell is aluminum oxide, commonly known as alumina.
A mobile phone, the shadow is filled with a laser target, such as: Logo marking, mobile phone shell, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone accessories, marking, etc., even in the mobile phone inside, you can't see also have parts laser marking.

Traditional way is to use screen printing in appearance for printing, screen printing ink flavour, fine enough, difficult to color, the printing effect is not very ideal, and screen printing using ink composition is heavy metal elements, now all businesses are specified using the new technology of low carbon environmental protection, cell phone with laser marking the permanent way, can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, still can increase additional value, make the product look level is higher, have more sense of brand.
Along with the development of the era, the demand of the market application, the screen printing technology is gradually replaced by laser marking machine, laser marking, as a kind of modern precision machining method, and printing, machinery, electrical discharge machining, compared to the traditional processing methods, such as has the incomparable advantage. Laser marking machine has free maintenance, high flexibility, high reliability performance, especially suitable for high fidelity, depth, smoothness requirements, is not only the apple mobile phone, a lot of sunny all has the strict request on the tag, in order to achieve the best results!