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Laser welding of four types of lasers source-Superwave Laser Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 16, 2017

With the widespread application of laser welding in manufacturing, how to select laser source correctly is a practical problem for manufacturers. Choice of laser source on the market at present optical fiber, the pulse Nd: YAG, diode, discs, and CO2 laser source. Choose the kind of laser source should fully consider the various factors, such as welding material, joint geometry, welding speed and the requirements on shape tolerance, system integration, to consider the budget, of course. Each laser source has its own characteristics that can meet different welding requirements and, in some cases, substitutability.

CO2 laser CO2 gas laser, wavelength of 10604 nm, 1 ~ 20 kw power, is a very mature laser, and it is since eighty since the last century has been a powerful processing one of the main laser source.

The high - efficiency diode pumped laser is a small - core silicon - based fiber. The laser source appears in the optical fiber, so there is no need for calibration, and the focus size can be up to 10 microns when the small core diameter fiber is mapped to the focus mirror. This compact laser usually appears in two configurations: low power welding (less than 300W) single mode; And multi - mode for high power welding.

Mixer diode laser single smooth power device, the emergence of new cooling channel technology, combined with beam can be focused for optical fiber diameter less than 1000 microns of micro-optics element technology development, advancing the diode as the presence of the laser welding.

Pieces of flat plate type laser Yd: YAG crystal thin plate in the CW laser laser disc, the center of this design is to avoid the inherent problems of rod laser, and adopted the 0.01 in thick disk, on the other side with cooling device support. The cooling of this design can make the laser power reach 10kW, and can guarantee the beam quality.

The pulse Nd:YAG laser USES a single Nd:YAG laser rod, which generates the peak value and low average power used in welding by the flash excitation. For example, a relatively low power, 35W average power produces a peak value of 6kW. This combination of peak value power and narrow pulse width not only guarantees the quality of material welding, but also provides effective control for energy input.

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