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Laser welding is the key technology to promote the light weight of automobile

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 11, 2018

Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method using high energy density laser beam as heat source, which is one of the important applications of laser material processing technology. At present, with the improvement of energy structure adjustment and environmental requirements, the automotive industry is developing towards lightweight, the use of new lightweight materials is one of the effective means to realize auto lightweight. However, laser welding plays an increasingly important role in realizing the connection of lightweight materials with its unique advantages.

Automotive lightweighting is not according to the literal meaning to understand the "lose weight", but on to ensure the quality of the car, will be more new materials used in the function of auto parts, components, for more excellent performance of auto parts, lighter weight at the same time, to ensure that the car to reduce energy consumption, in the process of multiple effect.

At present, the technology of the automotive lightweighting mainly through the following ways: increasing the proportion of lightweight materials, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel, plastic, powder metallurgy, ecological applications of composite materials and ceramic, etc; Improving continuously the modular design of the structure optimization and parts, such as using front-wheel drive, high rigid structure and super light suspension structure to achieve the purpose of lightweight, computer aided integration technology (including CAD/CAE/CAO) and structure analysis etc. The development of technology; To promote the innovation of automobile manufacturing in forming method and connection technology.
Laser cutting and laser welding have become the important technical means to realize the light weight of automobile. For laser welding, laser welding is out of contact, in the process of machining, can not touch products can achieve precision welding, the traditional way of connection, have a plenty of screw fastening, have a plenty of adhesive connection, cannot meet the modern car manufacturing to the requirement of precision and robustness, and the traditional way is not applicable to connect the new material. In contrast, laser welding achieves the leap-forward progress of the technology in the firmness, seamless, precision and cleanliness of the connection, which will become an important shaping method in the future.

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