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Laser marking scheme selection

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Select suitable laser marking scheme
At present, the laser marking scheme on the market mainly USES: fiber laser, Nd: YVO4 laser, green light (532nm) laser, ultraviolet (UV) laser and CO2 laser. In addition, there are still some high-power applications using Nd: YAG laser, of course, with the development of technology, Nd: YAG laser has been gradually replaced by several other lasers mentioned above.
Optical fiber marking machine: marking good quality, high cost and efficiency
The fiber laser USES a laser output from ytterbium-doped fiber, and the pump source is a carrier-grade single-tube diode. The diodes have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours. In addition to the advantages of long service life, fiber lasers have the lowest cost of ownership due to their higher energy efficiency and lower maintenance requirements.
Optical fiber laser marking machine has become one of the most commonly used laser marking technology in the market. Fiber laser marking machine can achieve high quality and contrast marking on metal and plastic materials, in addition, it can also be used for metal engraving and processing of a wide range of other materials.
CO2 laser marking machine: the best choice for marking printed circuit board, paper, leather and wood
The working material of the CO2 laser is composed of gas enclosed in a vacuum aluminum tube. Pump energy of CO2 laser is provided by RF energy. The CO2 laser marking machine is able to mark the plastic, but the mark is engraved and has no surface contrast. The working wavelength of CO2 laser marking machine is 10604nm, which can be widely used to mark organic materials such as paper and wood, as well as printed circuit board (PCB) and glass. CO2 laser marking machines are not suitable for marking bare aluminum, copper or brass and steel.
Nd: YAG laser marking machine: old laser engraving technology
Nd: YAG laser marking machine is mainly used for large area metal marking (surface effect) and deep engraving application (depth effect). These applications usually require high laser power. At present, although Nd: YAG laser marking machine has been largely replaced by other laser marking machine, but it is still widely used in high power (50~100W) application field. As Nd: YAG laser marking technology is gradually phased out, and the overall cost of ownership of fiber laser marking system has been greatly reduced, as a new developing force, fiber laser marking technology is beginning to gain more market share in the high-power market applications.
For almost all applications requiring direct marking or engraving, with a wide variety of marking options, laser marking technology provides an up-to-date solution to the direct marking process. The advantages of laser marking include: permanent marking quality; Marketable text, graphics, identifiers, and data code; Highly flexible marking; The range of marketable materials is wide. In addition, laser marking is a high speed machining process that can be easily integrated into the user's production line. In addition, laser marking is a non-contact process, which further enhances its safety. Moreover, the whole process does not require any chemicals, so it is also very environmentally friendly.