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Laser marking machine produces color effect on the surface of stainless steel

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Color laser marking machine with ink color powder or thin film deposition techniques and those by applying the technology is different, more advanced laser can make plastic color change the typical physics with polymer pyrolysis reaction in the oxygen environment related, by contrast, in the metal material surface can produce a variety of colors.
The principle of stainless steel color, there are three ways: one is the formation of colored oxide; Second, by chemical, electrochemical or laser action, in the stainless steel surface to generate a very thin colorless transparent oxide film, oxide film interference effect, can be shown in the table and color; The third is a mixture of colored oxide and oxide film.
Laser color marking of stainless steel in the corresponding relationship between color change and laser energy, laser action, the laser thermal effect of the stainless steel table. Through the thermal effect of laser, the laser energy density is proportional to the film thickness. With the increase in laser energy, stainless steel table and color according to the following color order change: orange - red - purple - blue - green - green - green - yellow - green - orange - red.
Can follow one's inclinations edit all sorts of character design, very convenient and easy to operate: absolute environmental protection, pollution-free; Fast marking speed, for the stainless steel products industry, the application of color laser marking can add the color of the marking graphics, can greatly enhance the added value of stainless steel products, enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel products.