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Laser marking is used in packaging

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 31, 2019

When coding and marking products and packaged consumer goods, inkjet, transfer, and labeling methods are often used to obtain codes or marks. However, recent technological developments have led to the introduction of integrated low-power lasers into mainstream coding and marking applications, making them an attractive option for manufacturers when choosing product technologies.
Technical difference
Laser coding, which USES ablation and engraving to remove or melt material, produces high-quality, permanent code in a short time compared to ink-jet coding or printing and labeling. This technology provides manufacturers with low-cost and efficient coding and marking methods.
Laser coding technology, compared with other coding and commodity marking technology, it is expected to become the packaging industry widely used technology. What are the characteristics that make laser technology continuously popular? Laser code advantage mainly lies in: no consumables (such as, ink, solvents), low maintenance costs, system shutdown time is short, small environmental pollution (because there is no use of ink), can be code wide range of materials, system integration is convenient.