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Laser engraving assisted imaging technology

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

Not real crystal, but artificial crystal. The laser is the most useful tool for "engrave" artificial crystals (also known as "crystal glass"). Laser engraving technology is used to "carve" flat or three-dimensional patterns into the interior of crystal glass.
Carving is an ancient art, general carving craft from moment, external shape carved want from material, while the laser can be like the Monkey King "in-depth hinterland" hands to work. Look carefully, all around the glass, crystal products not for "knives" in and out of the mouth, in this regard, the laser is more clever than the Monkey King, sun monkey when drill in somebody else's belly, also have to have a gap! Laser engraving is actually quite simple.
Laser to engrave glass, the glass damaged on its energy density must be greater than a certain critical value, or the threshold, and the laser energy density and it somewhere in that point related to the size of the spot, the same laser beam, the smaller the spot where the energy density is larger. In this way, through proper focus, can make the laser energy density in before we reached into the glass and processing zone below the glass damage threshold, and in the hope the processing area is more than the critical value, the laser pulse in a very short period of time, its energy can make crystal heat in an instant burst, resulting in a tiny white dot, inside the glass carved a predetermined shape, while the rest of the glass or crystal remain the same in good condition.