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How To Use Superwave Laser To Laser Mark And Engrave On Metals

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 18, 2016

SUPERWAVE Laser supplies a low cost, high quality mark on metals with laser marking & engraving & cutting machines

If you are looking for a laser that can mark metal with photos, texts, barcodes, logos and serial numbers, Superwave Laser offers two different solutions

Fiber Laser System:

Permanent marks of all kinds are required on many products today. Fiber lasers, because of their extremely long operational life, lack of required maintenance or alignment and relatively low cost are rapidly becoming the marking method of choice for industrial marking applications. As government regulations become more strict about disposal of traditional marking materials like ink and acid etching chemicals, companies are looking for ways to make their product marking easier and environmentally friendly.

Features of Fiber Laser Marking

 ● It does not affect the integrity of the part;

 ● Produce a high precise permanent mark;

 ● No need maintenance;

 ● Can be operated from almost any Windows-based software;

 ● Easy to use by practically anyone in your company

UV Lasers for Metal Marking

Non-contact UV laser marking is an excellent method of permanently marking your products. While traditional metal engraving removes part of the tool, changing the strength of the part, the laser mark is actually on top of the metal. Ultraviolet laser has less thermal effect by comparing with green laser and infrared laser. Various materials have high absorption rate to alter structure of molecular chain directly by short wavelength laser. UV laser has more obvious advantages especially for materials which are sensible for thermal effect during micro-meter or nanometer level super-fining processing

Dust-proof sealed laser cavity without condensation is designed to avoid damage to expensive optical elements thoroughly and guarantee stable batch production under industrial environment.

Features of UV Laser Marking

 ● Short wavelength, short pulse, high-quality light beam

 ● High precision and high peak power;

 ● Avoid thermal effect and increase processing precision obviously on various surfaces

 ● Widely used in all series materials, metals and non-metals;

 ● Can be operated from almost any Windows-based software;

 ● Easy to use by practically anyone in your company

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