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How to improve laser cutting speed?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 24, 2019

Laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials, which can greatly reduce the processing time, reduce the processing cost and improve the quality of the workpiece.

To further improve the laser cutting speed, a scaled nozzle, Laval nozzle, can be designed and manufactured according to the aerodynamic principle without generating positive shock wave under the premise of increasing the nozzle pressure. To facilitate the manufacture of usable structures. The laser center at the university of Hanover in Germany used a 500WCO2 laser with a lens focal length of 2.5 ". The experiments were carried out with a keyhole nozzle and a laval nozzle respectively. Represents the functional relationship between the surface roughness Rz of NO2, NO4 and NO5 nozzles and the cutting speed Vc at different oxygen pressures. It can be seen that the cutting speed of NO2 orifice nozzle can only reach 2.75m/min when Pn is 400Kpa (or 4bar) (the thickness of carbon steel plate is 2mm). When Pn is 500Kpa to 600Kpa, cutting speed of NO4 and NO5 laval nozzles can reach 3.5m/min and 5.5m/min. It should be pointed out that the cutting pressure Pc or the workpiece and the nozzle distance function. Because the oblique shock waves are reflected in the boundary of the airflow for many times, the cutting pressure changes periodically.

The first high cutting pressure zone is close to the nozzle outlet, and the distance between the workpiece surface and the nozzle outlet is about 0.5-1.5mm. The cutting pressure Pc is large and stable, and it is a common process parameter for cutting hand lever in industrial production. The second high cutting pressure area is about 3~3.5mm at the nozzle outlet, and the cutting pressure Pc is also large, which can also achieve good results and is conducive to protecting the lens and improving its service life. Other high cutting pressure areas on the curve cannot be used because they are too far away from the nozzle outlet to match the focused beam.