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High precision cutting of small laser cutting machine-Superwave laser machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2017

High precision cutting of small laser cutting machine

The advantages of small laser cutting machine are:

Advantage 1: small laser cutting machine can guarantee the smaller cut size, more suitable for some small pieces of processing, such as advertising, kitchenware and so on. Compared with the conventional laser cutter, the power is also low.

Advantage 2: the cost of small laser cutting machine is relatively low, so it is very suitable for small enterprises or enterprises with more financial constraints. Small laser cutting machine covers a small area, so it is more suitable for placement and handling.

Three advantages: precision is relatively high, and the focus of light is more thin, cutting precision can reach zero point one mm, plane is also very smooth and flat, and there will be no burrs or surface is scraping the slag. In addition, the cutting speed of the small laser cutting machine is also very fast, and can be up to two and a half meters per minute, which is a hundredfold of the speed of the line cutting.

Four advantages: small laser cutting machine with low cost, the price is equivalent to a third of the performance of laser cutting machine, equivalent to two 5 of the same efficacy of CNC punch press, and the cost is low, use cost per hour just a few dozen yuan, and the cost of traditional laser cutting machine is only one hundred and fifty yuan to one hundred and eighty yuan.

In addition, the maintenance cost of small laser cutting machine is low, no auxiliary gas, convenient maintenance and low cost.