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Galvanometer Scanning Laser Welding Technology

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

Laser has been widely applied for advanced material processing, such as welding of advanced high strength steels(AHSS) for automotive applications and Pt,Ti,and Nitinol alloys for medical applications. 

Galvanometer scanning Laser-welding technique is a new technology that emerged in recent years. This skill adopts moving scanning lens to scan the welding graphics and welds it along the sacnning path, furthermore, galvanometer lens can make laser beam switch between joints in short time, which saves considerable processing time and improves efficiency of processing. At present, domestic galvanometer scanning laser welder mainly adopts two -dimensional, pre-objective and static focusing scanning mode, in which welding range is relatively small, while the wide high-power galvanometer scanning laser welder has been used widely in all kinds of industry at abroad. 

Laser welding technology based on two galvanometer scanners has many advantages such as high welding speed, accurate location, convenient and flexibility operation as compared with the traditional laser welding technology with fixed optical path system. This technology has extensive application in materials joining areas in foreign countries. The laser welding technology based on galvanometer scanning is widely applicated in batteries, supercapacitor, electronic, SD card, mobile phone, Orthodontic Appliance and other fields. 

Superwave Laser designed their own galvo scanner laser welder with XY motorized workbench, to enlarge the working range and improve welding efficiency greatly.

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