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fiber laser engraving machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 11, 2018

  1. Some carving Suggestions on solid wood and hardwood?

    When carving hardwood, we suggest covering up the surface of the wood so that the residue can be reduced into the carving area and is easy to clean.
    Use the "from bottom to top" sculpt mode. In our laser software RDwork, you can change the working mode of the laser head, allowing you to carve from the bottom to the top, not from the top to the bottom. The advantage of this is that the smoke and debris can be reduced to be pulled into the sculpted area while the laser head is moving.
    After the sculpture is finished, use some degumming agent to clean it. Because hardwood gum is blackened when burned at high temperature.

  2. Can you really carve glass? What's the trick?

    The first thing to know is that not all glass is flat. While you might think you need to buy more expensive and expensive glass to get better results, it's not. We have many customers who use wholesaler's glassware for carving, but the engraving effect is also very good.

    For sculpting glass, let's give you some advice:
    . With a relatively low resolution, about 300DPI can achieve better results.
    Change the black in the figure to 80% black, which can improve the carving quality.
    We found that placing a wet towel on the glass helps to heat and improve the quality of the sculpture, but make sure it is not wrinkled.
    Apply a thin layer of soap to the area you want to carve with your fingers or tissues, which also helps to heat the body.
    . Use ScotchBrite or similar objects to polish the carving area and remove the glass fragments.

3. What should be paid attention to on plywood (plywood) or light board?

This material is more suitable for use in the cutting area than in the sculpture area, because the texture of the plywood may not be uniform, and there are different layers of glue in it. And when you're carving it up, the material is important, uneven, or the glue is so much more that it affects the sculptural effect. Of course, if the quality of the plywood is found, the engraving effect is very good, such as wood engraving.

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