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CNC laser cutting equipment optical components maintenance

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Laser engraving cutting machine promotion for the advertising industry into a new vitality, the growth of signs, signs to another use of the peak.
Laser engraving cutting machine features advantages of laser processing has a wide range of processing objects, small deformation, high precision, energy saving, small pollution, non-contact distance processing, active processing and other significant advantages. Narrow slit, fine carving, can be cut through the blind slot; It can be conveniently applied to ultra-thin, fragile, brittle, soft and hard materials and synthetic materials. Fast cutting speed; No tool wear; Easy CNC and computer control: easy assembly line work. With the growth of light, motor, material, computer, control skills has gradually become a new processing skills.
Laser engraving cutting machine with the effect of the laser engraving and laser cutting, laser and restraint system put forward higher request, it connects all the engraving and cutting edge, the machine is multi-purpose, higher cost performance in use today in advertising technology, mould model, printing plate making, fur, leather, electronic instrumentation and other industries.
Laser engraving cutting machine working principle
Laser has the characteristics of high correlation, directivity and high intensity, and it is easy to obtain high luminous flux density. Focus the strong beam on the medium, and use the process of interaction between laser and material to reverse the property of material, which is laser processing. General speaking is through specific media materials, high energy beam, and the beam control, when the beam to object appearance at some point - quickly due to high temperature melting point material or vaporization, which has reached what we need to reserve materials form, namely through moderation of the laser energy, speed, direction, walk path to reverse the material form. Meet our needs is laser processing.
Laser engraving and laser cutting are two different working methods. Laser engraving is usually by carbon dioxide laser, laser engraving software, active control system and fine machinery, is a low price high-tech laser products. Laser, active control system, fine mechanical parts are the key to weigh the machine. Laser cutting is to use a focused high-energy laser beam to melt or vaporize the workpiece and use auxiliary gas to blow the molten or oxide out to form a cut. Laser cutting is one of the most mature and widely used laser processing skills.