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choose Laser printers or inkjet printers?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

Print consumables and media

(1) laser printer: toner cartridge, carbon powder, long use cycle, easy to maintain. For A4 paper, the life of the toner cartridge can be printed between 8000 and 10,000 copies, and a cartridge can be printed about 1500-2000 copies, which can be replaced by 4-5 cartridges. It also depends on the print mode.
In addition to ordinary paper, the printing medium can be printed on photocopier paper, envelope, card, adhesive and label medium.
(2) inkjet printer: sprinkler head and ink cartridge. The time is long. For A4 paper, an ink cartridge can print about 200-500 copies.
Print media type more, in addition to the common printing paper, envelope, photo paper, special paper, CD cover can also be light box cloth, slide film, can even cooperate with printing directly on CD bracket in the disc.

Print speed and cost

(1) laser printer: printing speed, quantity, durable, suitable for large number of office occasions. The first investment, the machine is slightly expensive, but the consumables are cheap.
(2) inkjet printer: printing slow, high cost, long time without plugging the nozzle. Ink compatibility is not strong, different brands can not mix. The first investment, the machine is cheap, but the late consumables are more expensive.
Maintenance costs
(1) laser printer: maintenance cost is cheap. Generally speaking, toner cartridge reaches a certain stage, adding toner or replacement is more convenient.
(2) ink jet printer: high maintenance cost. Cleaning cartridges or printing heads is more cumbersome.

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