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Application of optical fiber laser marking machine in anti - counterfeiting code

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Now the most common anti-counterfeiting technology is the use of barcodes, two-dimensional code to achieve the security of products, these barcodes and two-dimensional code is the use of fiber laser marking machine.
As a new laser marking technology, optical fiber laser marking machine has very fine marking effect, and the lines can reach millimeter to micron level. For those parts of small and complex shape, fiber laser marking machine can easily complete the marking work, not only beautiful effect, and will not have direct contact with the object, no damage to the object.
The marking of the fiber laser marking machine has a permanent, not with the increase of time and fuzzy, so that the marking itself has a certain degree of security, but there is the possibility of counterfeiting. If you want to carry on a deeper level of security products, the fiber laser marking system and database query system together can be achieved.
The laser marking equipment itself is controlled by a computer, which can be easily connected with the database system. After integrating the database functions in the marking software, customers can verify the laser codes on the corresponding products in the database to distinguish the authenticity of the products. Optical fiber laser marking machine security data can be in clear text, bar code, two-dimensional code and so on. Bar code, two-dimensional code have the corresponding reading equipment, can reduce the time of manual input, so it is very suitable for the anti-fake data carrier.