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Application of laser welding technology in the repair of failure dies

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 23, 2018

Mould manufacturing with the rapid development of industrial technology and expanding, has in the modern manufacturing industry, especially in the field of precision manufacturing for a wide range of applications, can effectively improve the utilization rate of materials and extend the service life of the product. With the rapid development of die casting industry, the comprehensive mechanical properties and service life of the die casting mould etc. Put forward higher requirements, at the same time due to the high cost of die-casting mold, mold under the condition of use for a long time because of the high speed, high pressure, alternating or alternating load working conditions cause mold surface or internal corrosion, wear or cracking cause mould performance degradation, even lead to mould invalidation. The manufacture of mould involves the selection of material, complex precision machining and related heat treatment system. Therefore, in order to avoid mould such as crack or wear failure forms and affect production, and the mold repair welding technology, the technology is a direct and effective way to solve the mold surface failure. Laser welding technology as a kind of high power density, energy concentration, butt welding material loss is small, and easy to realize high precision automatic welding, which can realize large penetration, low residual welding stress and deformation of components, so the laser repair mold welding technology because of its low cost, short cycle and good repairing effect and become a commonly used mold repair welding technology, overcome the cold welding and argon arc welding in the fine repair the mould of the defects in the surface.