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2017 will be the first year of the outbreak of the laser TV market

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 16, 2017

Over the past 2016, the television field said that the industry's display technology is no doubt "laser display technology." Since the laser display technology has been, the projector's combat effectiveness of the surge. In 2016 the laser projection market, according to statistics, 2016 laser projection product sales of 11 million units, compared to 2015 increased by 4 times, marking the laser projection has entered a comprehensive development Golden age.

Laser display technology as the industry's most development potential of the equipment, since the birth of the projector has been widely used in various industries. Because of its rich and saturated color, high brightness, long life, low cost and high environmental protection and other characteristics, as a projection and display the technological revolution of the fuse.

Now the laser display technology is mainly three kinds of technology, respectively, three-color laser, phosphor + blue, LED + laser. In contrast, the advantages of three-color laser is more obvious. Three-color laser is a high-end laser projector label, the use of the technology projection equipment can easily reach more than 20,000 lumens brightness. While the corresponding phosphor in the low-end projector, the highest brightness just broke 10000 lumens.

2017 will be the first year of laser outbreak, in the application of laser display technology level, China's laser innovation technology has been in the forefront of the world. Laser display as the fourth generation of display technology, and gradually guide the development of global display technology, the future of laser display will be everywhere.