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    • Small YAG Laser Cutting Machine
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      Small YAG Laser Cutting Machine

      Data sheet: Max.Laser power:650W Laser wavelength:1064nm Laser Class:IV Laser Type:Pulsed lamp pump Solid State Laser. Fiber laser source optional. Workbench loading ability:200Kg Support Rotary System.Able to cut cylinder,pipe etc. Cutting size:300X300mm ~ 1200X1000mm...Read More
    • 2513 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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      2513 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

      Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China 2513 yag laser cutting machine manufacturer, with professional factory we are always able to offer you discount 2513 yag laser cutting machine, custom laser cutting systems with reliable quality.Read More
    • Small Fiber Laser Cutting System
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      Small Fiber Laser Cutting System

      Fiber laser cutting machine is the newest generation laser cutting system, the fiber laser source is low energy consumption and high efficiency laser generator. The user no need do laser alignment of the laser resonator, the laser pump source is very high service life up to...Read More
    • 3015 Fiber Laser Cutting System
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      3015 Fiber Laser Cutting System

      1.Introduction SW - FC series fiber optical laser cutting machine adopts the world's top fiber laser with gantry structure, high-precision bilateral drive, high strength aluminum alloy beams, precision linear rail, helical gear transmission system, and supplemented by...Read More
    • Custom Made Laser Welding Machine
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      Custom Made Laser Welding Machine

      Muti-station Optical Fiber Welding Machine Muti-station workbench(up to 4), it's effectively improve the work efficiency, optional galvanometer laser welding head and collimating focusing welding head. Gantry Fiber Laser Welding Machine It is composed of gantry welding...Read More
    • Custom Made Laser Marking & Engraving Machine
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      Custom Made Laser Marking & Engraving Machine

      Diode Pump Deep Laser Engraver Mainly used in mould, metal products deep engraving. The max engraving deep is 1.5mm(SS materials). Stable function of the wholesystem, small size and low consumption. Mobile Laser Marking System Mobile laser marking system, using the optical...Read More
    • Rotary Clamp
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      Rotary Clamp

      it is used to mark on the cylinder's surface, or weld cylinder workpiece. Our laser marking or welding software can be used to drive the motorized rotary clamp. R50, R80 and R100 are popular used. For example, the largest diameter of the workpiece that can be installed...Read More
    • Magnetic Clamp
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      Magnetic Clamp

      Magnetic Clamping Sphere is a switchable permanent magnet which allows for flexible clamping especially in laser welding plant. A switchable permanent magnet, for clamping the work piece, is built into a spherical housing which allows for any kind of pivoting or turning...Read More
    • Custom Jigs
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      Custom Jigs

      According to customers' products, we are available to custom jigs and fixtures to perfectly work with laser welding machine or laser marking machine automatically. Jig and Fixture Tooling have the advantage of greatly increasing work efficiency, saving manpower, good...Read More
    • Welding Wire
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      Welding Wire

      We can also provide welding tools for repairing can check them in attachment.we can also provide all kinds of welding wire for repairing if you need.Read More
    • Fiber Galvo Scanner
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      Fiber Galvo Scanner

      Feature 1. Super High-speed Scanner Head 2. Excellent accuracy Specifications Super High-speed Fiber Laser Marking Galvanometer ScannerRead More
    • CO2 Galvo Scanner
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      CO2 Galvo Scanner

      Feature 1. Super High-speed Scanner Head 2. Excellent accuracy Specifications CO2 Galvo ScannerRead More
    • IPL Galvo Scanner
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      IPL Galvo Scanner

      IPL galvo scanner is our latest R&D of high-performance galvanometer, its vertical incident light structure has small size, light weight, high speed, flexible operation, etc. A full range of security protection function and custom software, makes the stability and...Read More
    • 360 Degree Swivel Lens
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      360 Degree Swivel Lens

      360┬░swivel lens is a lens that freely rotates 360 degree while attached to a laser machines. A swivel lens is also known as a swiveling lens, swivelling lens, and rotating lens. 360 degree swivel lens is applied to laser mould welding machine, it allows for unconstrained...Read More
    • Fiber Cable
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      Fiber Cable

      Fiber cable- Orign of Japan Fiber Cables could deliver up to several kW from Diode and Solid State lasers resulting from their assembly with a larger size connectors of special design with diameter spans 2.5, 4, 10 and 15mm - or with Mitsubishi connectors of D-80 and D-200...Read More
    • Optical Path
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      Optical Path

      We can provide OEM and system integrators with a range of high performance components and sub-assemblies of Nd:YAG laser at much competitive prices. These components and sub-assemblies include laser head (pump chamber with Nd:YAG rod and lamp, laser resonator including rear...Read More