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Custom Made Laser Welding Machine-superwave laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2018

Muti-station Optical Fiber Welding Machine

Muti-station workbench(up to 4), it's effectively improve the work efficiency, optional galvanometer laser welding head and collimating focusing welding head.

Gantry Fiber Laser Welding Machine

It is composed of gantry welding workbench,optical fiber laser welding host system,water cooling system,control system.Commonly used three axis,four axis,five-axis linkage system.Welding area generally have 600×1000mm/800×1200mm/1000×1500mm,we can also customize according to customers's requirements.

Chain Making Laser Welding Machine

High performance laser beam quality, very high pulse to pulse stability. The machine is good at welding gold and silver chain, the wire diameter 0.1mm to 0.6mm, welding speed up to 550pcs/minute. Laser output head have a varietyof models and can be customized.