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Yttrium aluminum garnet laser.

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 05, 2018

Pigmentary dermatosis treatment due to laser "selective solar-thermal decomposition theory" and made significant breakthrough: lesion tissue absorbed and select the laser wavelength, pulse laser energy and heated, if the laser wavelength and energy, the appropriate tissue lesions will be pyrolysis and eliminated. If the laser pulse width is shorter than the heat or conduction time of the skin tissue, the healthy skin tissue will not be destroyed while the lesion tissue is pyrolyzed. Thus, two main factors that influence the effect of laser and skin tissue are laser wavelength and pulse width. To this end, people have studied different wavelength and pulse width laser to meet the needs of various hairdressing. The key is to control the laser pulse width in the heat of the lesion cells to achieve the goal of killing the diseased cells without damaging the healthy tissue.

Yttrium aluminum garnet laser treatment mechanism was based on this theory, under the action of Q - switching of high-energy laser, light energy absorbed by the pigment particles in the skin, make the pigment particle gasification and rupture, and cell framework can complete retention, in the process of subsequent inflammation, clastic particles be swallowed up by the phagocytes, and was out of the body, cells, and be vaporized pigment particles can be based on a complete cell framework, fixed soon, so as to maximize the removal of pigment. Q- switch laser only destroys pigment granules or pigment cells, while adjacent normal cells are not damaged, and the damage is minimized. It is because the xh-yag yttrium aluminum garnet laser treatment machine has the selective effect on the skin pigment tissue, it is also called "skin pigment laser beauty treatment system".