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Why is fiber laser cutting machine the best in the market at present-superwave laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 26, 2017

fiber optical fiber laser cutting machine, cutting machine full name through the optical fiber transmission, improve the degree of flexibility, the fault points less, easy maintenance, cutting speed, especially when the cutting plate within 4 mm fiber cutting machine has a very big advantage. But "no one is perfect", and the same is true of equipment, which is affected by the wavelength of the solid laser, which is of poor quality when cutting thick plates. In addition, the wavelength of optical fiber laser is 1.06 um, which is not easily absorbed by non-metallic materials. Therefore, non-metallic materials cannot be cut.

Optical fiber cutting machine is able to gain a foothold in the market quickly and gradually replace the traditional cutting technology, it is because of its various advantages in technology, to achieve the finishing of the product provides the necessary technology. Optical fiber cutting machine's main strength in the transmission medium and light source, optical fiber laser is diode as light source, in the optical fiber as transmission medium, with no loss of light energy transmitted to the laser cutting head. Because of this, the photoelectric conversion rate of fiber laser is more than 25 %, and the advantages of electricity consumption and cooling system are obvious. The maintenance cost of the fiber laser cutting machine is lower, the basic materials are not consumable, and can be qualified for the bad working environment. It has high tolerance for dust, shock, shock, humidity and temperature. In addition, it can achieve the cutting effect of high power with small power, reduce the cost of cutting, reduce energy consumption, realize high efficiency and bring greater benefit.