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Why can laser cutting machine realize flexible production

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2018

Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for flexible production. The flexibility of optical fiber laser cutting machine refers to the variable combination of processing: laser beam adopts two methods: direct and guided. The laser can be used for rotating, tilting, up and down, left and right movements, and can process the vertical plane of the workpiece and other complex workpiece surfaces. And direct drive has no empty path, high precision. By moving parts under a beam or turning them over by a machine or by turning them over on multiple axes, some of the more difficult parts can be made using traditional methods. Laser head up and down or so freedom of movement, the workpiece during machining can be fixed, still can realize the machining of complex, and as long as the use of mobile rotary worktable, can be processed parts than axis stroke. Laser beam adopts automatic focusing control. The linear axis of the laser system can be positioned along the optical axis or any axis to keep the beam focused. The focal point is known precisely at any time, and the journey is unlimited.
Using metal laser cutting machine, therefore, can be achieved for a sheet metal parts processing molding, whether it is more complex, sheet-metal part as long as it can draw in computer graphics, can realize the processing production.