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What should we do if foreign countries do not sell our laser Chinese 3D printing enterprises?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Local time on April 16th, the Commerce Department issued export ban for zte, until March 13, 2025, the company in the United States be prohibited by law to zte sales parts, products, software and technology.

The reason for the incident is the U.S. government's technical sanctions against Iran, north Korea, Syria, Cuba and other countries, and any equipment manufacturer that USES U.S. technology will not be allowed to sell to those countries. But zte stepped on the red line, with the us Commerce Department imposing sanctions on zte for alleged breaches of us export controls on Iran.

"We are aware of the orders of the us department of commerce and will comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations," an Intel spokesman told the media on Tuesday.
The us Commerce Department's "seven years" ban on exports has pushed zte into a crisis, as it relies heavily on the us for chips, parts and operating systems. At least half of zte's equipment now comes from outside sources, and at least half of that is from the U.S. market.

A national debate on "China core" is taking shape!

In the increase of material manufacturing industry in China, it seems that face the same situation, especially the industrial laser 3 d printing equipment, vibration mirror core components, and software systems, most still came from abroad. What should China's 3D printing companies do if foreign countries have banned core components such as lasers and mirrors?

如果国外不卖我们激光器 中国的3D打印企业该怎么办