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What role does laser drilling technology play in food packaging?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Laser drilling

It is well known that the quality and retention period of perishable food depends on the balance of air circulation and humidity in the packaging. Therefore, in order to achieve the packaging with enough holes, the use of laser technology perforation becomes the first choice of perishable food. At the present in the field of laser marking and laser drilling technology has a leading position, in the processing equipment can use high pulse co2 laser for each thin film packaging material layer drilling operations, special technology, are melting around each hole, can effectively prevent hole enlargement and avoid the damage to the integrity of the packaging, and can also has good air permeability, moisture effect.

Advanced laser equipment to production of more products or technical requirements to provide various solutions, can provide the beam splitter with multiple focus head to control the direction of the punch, through the use of polygonal prism to the speed of light distribution to multiple focus to achieve high speed roll on the head. Now, the best packaging for flexible packaging is between 60 and 300 micrometers, and the alignment of the holes can be changed in a more practical way, and can be synchronized with printing. Laser drilling technology is also suitable for packaging with pressure changes, such as food packaging that needs to be heated by microwave. And for some of the more rigid packaging materials, such as PE/PE composite material, laser punching technology can make each 1 cm contained within 5-50 holes punch line, can achieve the result of tear along the dotted line packaging.
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