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What is the advantage of laser cutting machine to cutting tube?

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 01, 2018

Along with our country the rapid growth of the production, and consumption of stainless steel pipe, pipe processing technology has been developing rapidly, especially the laser cutting machine, but also brought unprecedented leap for pipe material processing. As a special laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser cutting of metal pipe.

As is known to all, any new process can be accepted by the public and get fast development, inevitably has the characteristics of the process is less than tradition, so the advantages of laser cutting machine and what? There are two main points:

One is flexibility.
How can a laser cutter be called flexible? It is almost as if you want to cut it, it can cut any shape that has been programmed in the stainless steel tube, and the laser can do the perfect cut in any direction. The shape of the machine can be changed flexibly and quickly through computer programming. The high flexibility of laser cutter provides strong technical support for more and more personalized processing, thus reducing the number of die.

Second, accuracy.
Compared with the traditional flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting and processing equipment, laser cutting of sheet metal precision is much higher, at the same time, as mentioned above, may occur in the manufacturing process of different materials in small scale deformation, laser cutting machine can be adjusted according to the deformation, and it is also a lot of traditional craft.
At present, foreign laser tube cutting technology has been very mature, and corner overtaking "made in China" has become more and more popular in the international market, made of production of the high-energy laser laser cutting machine, then at home have a lot of customer high praise!
Performance characteristics of high energy laser cutting machine.
First, the laser cutting machine centralized operation, flexible processing, automatic upper and lower material, convenient and quick.
Second, the laser cutting machine USES the precision rack dual drive mode, maintenance and maintenance is simple, basic maintenance.

Third, the laser cutting machine adopts imported special pipe cutting software, which has the core technology of high efficiency cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee to save the material effectively and improve the cutting efficiency.

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