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Three focal relationships of laser cutter-SuperWave Laser Cutting Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 04, 2018

1. The cutting focus is on the workpiece

In this way we also become a negative focal point because the cutting point is not in the surface of the cutting material and is not in the cutting material, but is positioned above the cutting material. This method mainly USES the material with high cut thickness. This way the focus position is at the top of the cutting material, mainly because of thick plate need to cut into the picture, otherwise the nozzle conveying oxygen, so it's easy to lead to lack of cutting temperature decline. But one of the disadvantages of this approach is the comparison of cutting surfaces

2. The cutting focus is inside the workpiece

This also becomes a positive focal length. When you need to cut the workpiece to be stainless steel or aluminum steel plate often use the cutting point in the workpiece pattern. But one disadvantage of this approach is that the focus principle of cutting surface, cut relatively bigger than cutting point on the workpiece surface, at the same time, this mode requires cutting air flow, temperature to the foot, cutting punch time slightly long point. Therefore, when you choose the material of the workpiece, it is mainly used for stainless steel or aluminum lamp with high hardness.

3. Cutting focus on the workpiece surface

This way has become a focal length, usually found in SPC, SPH, SS41 artifacts such as the use of cutting, the focus of the cutter selected when use in close to the surface, this mode of workpiece surface smoothness, up and down in general relatively close to the focus of the cut surface is very smooth, and focus away from the cutting surface is rough. This mode should be based on the technical requirements of the upper and lower surfaces of the actual application.