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the usage tips and precautions of laser printer

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

(1) laser printer.
1) cannot have a book or other hard object, or print media too hard, otherwise it will damage the toner, resulting in white line phenomenon.
2) when the toner is used up, you can shake the toner cartridge. You can also print out a dozen. After that, do not force the printing, otherwise, it will damage the toner cartridge.
3) if the card is jammed, take out the toner cartridge according to the instruction manual, and take it out in the normal direction, never hard pull and extend the fault range.
4) the laser printer will also have a lot of dust and paper debris in the machine after use for a period of time, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, cut off the power supply and clean with all possible wet cloth. Don't use chemicals to clean.
5) using Economy Mode printing can save carbon powder.
6) if a stain is printed, clean the toner cartridge with a clean, soft paper.

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