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The principle of laser cutting and the classification of laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 11, 2018

Laser slicing is to use high-energy laser beam to illuminate the surface of the workpiece with high-energy laser beam, so as to partially melt and vaporize the exposed area, so as to achieve the purpose of slicing. Because laser is a very small point of light after focusing by a special optical system, it has high energy density, because its processing is non-contact, there is no mechanical impact pressure on the workpiece itself, and the workpiece is easy to be deformed. The thermal effect is minimal and the precision is high. It is widely used in cutting and slicing solar panels and thin metal sheets.
The application field of laser scribing machine
Laser scribing machine is mainly used for metal materials and silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and other semiconductor substrate scribing and cutting to produce solar panels, silicon, ceramic piece, aluminium foil, etc., workpiece fine beautiful, smooth cutting edges. The Nd:YAG laser with continuous pump sound and light Q is used as the working light source. The computer controls the 2-d worktable and can make various movements according to the input figure. High output power, high precision, fast speed, curve and straight line cutting.
Laser logger is generally divided into the following categories: YAG laser logger, semiconductor laser logger, fiber laser logger
YAG laser slicer: low price, high power, but large volume, large power consumption, high heat, relatively short laser life; Semiconductor laser cutting machine: relatively high cost performance, small volume, medium power; Optical fiber laser cutting machine: accurate, small volume, movable vibroscope, but relatively small power, high price.