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The practical application of laser cutting machine in advertising production industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 02, 2018

For the advertising industry, the general processing products, metal and non-metal material, therefore, more than one kind of industry applications of laser cutting machine technology provides a big advantage, processing to the advertising for advertising the traditional processing equipment, is the general processing AD fonts such as material, due to the machining accuracy, cutting surface is not ideal, lead to rework probability is, for the advertising industry is a waste of cost, greatly reduces the working efficiency.

The equipment adopts the laser cutting machine, however, can effectively solve the problem of this type, is of high precision laser cutting technique, cutting surface, auxiliary gas processed with pure, can be the perfect embodiment. Laser cutting machine equipment also can carry on some complex graphics processing, processing can be completed in the traditional technology can accomplish, for advertising company enlarged processing products, improve the market and the side of micro enterprise adds additional profits, without the need for secondary rework, a complete operation remain the customer's state of mind, a stable customer resources.