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The picosecond laser for the 3c processing-superwave laser technology

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 11, 2017

Picosecond laser as a typical representative of ultrashort pulse laser, with the characteristics of ultrashort pulse width, high peak power, its processing object is widespread, especially suitable for processing sapphire, brittle material such as glass, ceramics and heat sensitive material, thus is suitable for electronic industry micro machining industry applications. In the last two years, the demand for picosecond processing equipment has been increased rapidly. The main reason is that the application of fingerprint identification module on the mobile phone from last year has led to the purchase of special equipment picosecond laser. The fingerprint module refers to the process of laser processing: the wafer cutting, the cutting of chip, the cutting of the cover plate, the shape cutting of the FPC soft plate, the laser marking, etc. It is mainly made of sapphire/glass cover and IC chips. Apple since 2015 formal use fingerprint identification at the same time led to the popularity of a batch of domestic brands, the fingerprint identification permeability is less than 50%, so for processing fingerprint identification module of picosecond machine still have larger development space. At the same time, the picosecond machine can also be applied to PCB drilling, wafer cutting, etc., and the application field is expanding continuously. Especially with the application of sapphire and ceramics in the future of mobile phones, picosecond laser processing equipment will be an important part of the 3C automation equipment. We believe that in the area of 3C automation processing equipment, picosecond laser will play a wide and deep role in the future.