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The Parameters of laser welding machine-superwave laser welding machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 15, 2017

Power density: power density is one of the most critical parameters in processing. The high power density is used for the analysis, and the surface can be heated to the highest point in the microsecond time range, producing a large amount of vaporization. Therefore, high power density can be used to remove materials, such as drilling, cutting and carving. For low power density, it takes several milliseconds for the surface temperature to reach the boiling point. Before the surface evaporation, the bottom reaches the melting point and is easy to form a good fusion welding.


Pulse waveform: pulse waveform is an important problem in welding, especially for wafer welding. When the high intensity beam hits the material surface, the metal surface will have some energy reflection loss, and the reflectivity changes with the surface temperature. During the period of a pulse, the metal reflectance changes a lot.


Pulse width, pulse width is one of the important parameters of pulse welding, it is different from the important parameters of the material removal and melting is to determine the key parameters of the cost of processing equipment and volume.


The influence of the focus: the laser welding machine usually needs to be a certain distance, because the center of the focal spot has high power density and easily evaporates into holes. The power density distribution is relatively uniform on each plane that leaves the focus. There are two kinds of foci: positive and negative. The focal plane is located at the top of the workpiece to be positive, and vice versa. According to the geometrical optics theory, when the positive and negative distance between the focal plane and the welding plane is equal, the power density of the corresponding plane is approximately the same, but the shape of the molten pool obtained is different. When the negative coke is negative, a greater depth can be obtained, which is related to the forming process of the molten pool. The experiment showed that the heating material began to melt, and the liquid metal was formed and the question was vaporized, forming the vapor of the city, and spraying at a high speed, emitting the dazzling white light. At the same time, the concentration of the liquid metal moves the liquid metal to the edge of the molten pool, forming a depression in the center of the molten pool. When the negative coke, the internal power density of the material is higher than the surface, easy to form stronger molten pool.