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The optical fiber laser marking machine is far from the market saturation state

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 13, 2018

Nowadays, the market penetration of optical fiber laser marking machines is as follows. Is it saturated? Then, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of optical precision machinery, doctoral supervisor, and director of solid-state lasers and application technology of Shanghai key laboratory, the executive vice President of nanjing institute of advanced laser technology so he said: "well short of optical fiber laser marking machine market saturation state."
He said analysis, for optical fiber laser marking machine, from the point of market applications, the output average power in tens of watts, dozens of nanosecond pulse width of pulse fiber laser in the laser marking market has been the dominant; But for laser cleaning of large pulse energy fiber laser marking machine and small for fine processing of ultrashort pulse peak power optical fiber laser marking machine, the current domestic research and development is still in the stage, the industrialization development remains to be further improved.
For continuous fiber laser marking machine, hundreds of watts of power optical fiber laser localization technology has been mature, mainly used in sheet metal cutting, 3 d printing, and other fields, and the price has dropped sharply, realize the localization of batch production, and occupied a considerable market share; The scale of single fiber modulus kilowatts continuous high power optical fiber laser marking machine is limited because of the core material and devices such as the reason, is still at the key technology and engineering research and development stage, has not yet formed the competitive industrial mass production.
But as countries such as increasing material manufacturing and laser manufacturing special startup, the next two or three years to realize single fiber modulus kilowatts, or even thousands of watts of continuous high power optical fiber laser marking machine, industrial products and vigorously support the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China.