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The laser bonding technology has carved the integrated circuit on the paper

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

A team of engineers from Oregon state university have developed a technique called "laser sintering, the by the technology, nanoparticles can be fixed to the surface of materials, and in front of the sinter with a light source to create a 2 d thin film. Because xenon lamps are used in this technique, they can be twice as fast as existing methods and 10 times more efficient.

This means that the material is etched at a much lower temperature. "Low temperature is the biggest bright spot in this technology," explains rajiv malhotra, a researcher. "In order to reduce costs, we want to make these nanotech products available on materials that are easily burned or melted in such high temperatures as plastic or paper. Now, we know that this technology is achievable and has mastered the method. Under this premise, we can develop more efficient and cheaper product manufacturing processes under the premise of ensuring quality.
The researchers hope that, with the development of technology, it will be possible to build thin-film electronics industries on cheaper materials, making expensive nanotechnologies better for society.