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the Hot processing and Cold processing of laser marking processing-laser marking system

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 09, 2018

"Hot processing" has a high energy density of laser beam, which it is converged on the energy flow, shine on the processed data appearance, material appearance absorption of laser energy, attacks in the area of the shining hot stirring process, and then make the data appearance (or coating) temperature rise, abnormal attacks, melting, ablation, transpiration and so on.

"Cold processing" has a high load energy (uv) photon, which can interrupt information (especially the organic material) or the chemical bonds in the surrounding medium to cause the data to be damaged by non-thermal processes. This kind of cold in laser symbol processing has another meaning, because it is not a thermal ablation, "heat damage of side effects, but don't attack on cold strip break chemical bonds, so to be processed surface layer and heating area is not attack or thermal deformation, and so on. For example, in the electronics industry, a quasi-molecular laser is used to build up a thin film of chemical material on a substrate, and a narrow slot is drawn on a semiconductor substrate.

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