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The basic structure of laser cutting machine-superwave laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 06, 2018

A lot of people know about laser cutting machines, but the real understanding of laser cutting machine is that the demand is carefully investigated.

So what are the components of a laser cutter?

1. Laser power supply: high voltage power supply for laser vibration.

2. Laser vibrator: the primary equipment for the occurrence of laser.

Refracting mirror: is the direction used to guide the laser. All reflectors are required to be maintained by the maintenance cover in order to prevent the beam path from occurring.

4. Cutting torch: the first includes the gun body, the accumulator lens and the auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts.

5. Open operation channels: used to place the processed work pieces, and can move the program accurately and accurately, usually driven by the machine motor.

6. Cutting drive equipment: used to move along the X-axis and z-axis according to the program drive, which is composed of transmission equipment such as servo motor and screw rod.

7. CNC equipment: control the direction of cutting channels and cutting torch. Together, it also controls the output power of the laser.

8. Operation disk: the operation process used to control all the open equipment.

9. Gas cylinders: the working medium cylinders and auxiliary gas cylinders containing the laser are used to compensate for the operating gas of the laser vibration and the supply of gas for cutting and cutting.

10. Cooling water circulating equipment: cooling laser vibrator. A laser is a device that converts electricity to light energy, such as CO2 gas lasers, which are typically 20 percent efficient, and 80 percent of the energy is converted to heat. The cooling water takes the extra heat away to insist on the vibrator's normal operation.

Air boring machine: it is used to supply clean and dry air to laser vibrator and beam path to adhere to the normal operation of the channel and mirror.