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The basic principle of direct laser engraving

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 16, 2018

Laser engraving process is a kind of sleeve plate imaging technology. The plate is wrapped in a steel cylinder and then rotated at a very high speed (up to 2400rpm). While the roller is rotating at high speed, it will move along the horizontal axis and use the laser engraving device to expose the entire printing plate to the high-intensity CO2 laser beam. The printing plate absorbs the energy of the laser beam, resulting in thermal decomposition of the printed material in the engraving area. After the engraving, the printing plate can be directly used for printing after rapid washing.

Professional 3 d software to allow the operator to easily to control network forming, high precision to ensure the picture and text area, including network formed at the bottom of the slope, relief height and the outlet size.
This process is suitable for a variety of materials, including polymer, EPDM (EPDM) rubber sleeve and the photosensitive emulsion of electroplated nickel net roller.

In the flexographic printing, letterpress and waterless offset printing process, the non-graphic area is burned by the laser beam, the text area is intact. Rotary screen printing plate production, the text area of the material is ablated, to make mesh opening. This is also in the printing process guarantees good ink transfer foundation.

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