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The application of laser processing in mould industry

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

The failure of the mould is actually scrapped due to the abrasion of the surface local material, and the machining cycle of metal mould is long and the processing cost is high. Die life depends on wear resistance and mechanical damage resistance. Once worn or damaged, repair can be repaired. The current maintenance techniques used are electroplating, surfacing and thermal spraying. The electroplating layer is thinner, and the combination of the substrate is poor, and the damaged part is difficult to repair. In surfacing welding and spraying, heat input is large, and mold thermal influence area is large. And the laser is used to repair the mold, because the high energy density of the laser beam generates a fast heating of approximate adiabatic heat, the thermal influence of the substrate is small, and the distortion can be ignored.

Laser of high brightness, high directivity and high monochromaticity after lens focused laser beam, near the focal point is to thousands or even tens of thousands of degrees of high temperature, which makes it can processing almost all of the materials. Laser processing has been widely used in manufacturing fields and industries. In China, the research and development of laser processing equipment and laser processing technology have been devoted to the research and development of human resources. Mould is one of the important industrial equipment industrial products molding, to a great extent, decided to enterprise in the competition in the market strain capacity, molding has become an important means of modern industrial product and process development direction. Laser processing is a great advantage in mold manufacturing and in some cases replacing the mold (such as laser cutting to replace the punching die and laser marking in the sheet metal). How the application of laser processing technology in the practical production to shorten the tooling manufacturing cycle (T), ensure the quality of mould manufacturing (Q), and reduce die manufacturing costs (C), requires constant research and exploration. (zengcong)