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The application of laser engraving machine in the processing of denim fabrics

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2018

Art of laser engraving machine, its principle is to use computer graphic design, typesetting, and made the PLT or BMP files, then use the CO2 laser engraving machine, make the CO2 laser engraving machine laser beam according to computer typesetting instruction, on the surface of apparel fabrics with high temperature etching, etching under high temperature parts of the yarn by ablation, dye by gasification, the formation of different levels of etching depth, design or other water washing finishing effect. These designs can also use embroider, bead piece, ironing piece, metal to adorn wait for material to redecorate, in order to enhance artistic effect.
With laser engraving machine technology to art finishing of denim fabrics, produced in the fabric art design, these patterns can include words, Numbers, taxi, signs, image, you can also through the process of laser engraving machine precision cutting are generated monkey, cat whisker, the old rags and grinding etc.

China and Hong Kong clothing market already have some products to use 3D vibrating mirror cowboy laser jet laser engraving machine laser element attached to the popular style.

Textile industry is a traditional industry and big industry, and it is an important way to improve the technological content of traditional industrial products.

The clothing fabric is arranged by dyeing and printing process, which can get good effect and aesthetic effect. The traditional clothing fabric with artistic pattern, mainly through a variety of printing and dyeing processing technology, so that different dyes can be colored through the fabric of the fabric to form patterns. In addition, there are other chemical methods or through heat transfer printing, digital jet printing methods to form the floral pattern. But a large number of textile fabrics, traditional way of printing, the production process is longer, change program design of the single and complex, the production process is more involved in environmental protection limitations, especially can't realize the people's growing demand for personalized clothing fabrics artistic effect. In view of the disadvantages of traditional technology, the use of laser engraving machine technology and computer aided design technology to art finishing of denim fabrics, gives its special printing effect, it has an important promotion value.