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the application of laser cutting machine in all kinds of industry-SuperWave Laser Machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 29, 2017

In the industry of laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine occupies a lot of weight, in industrial manufacturing for most metal materials, whether they are what kind of hardness, can be infinite shape cutting. Today we can count the practical applications of laser cutting machines in all walks of life.

Sheet metal processing industry

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology and processing technology of domestic is also a day, the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment (shears, punching machine, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting, etc.), although occupies considerable market share in the market, now, already cannot satisfy the technological requirements; Laser cutting is a technology of sheet metal processing and reactionary, is the "processing center" in sheet metal processing, laser cutting flexibility level is high, the cutting speed, consumption of high efficiency, product consumption cycle is short, wins the general markets for our customers. The laser cutting has no cutting force and no deformation. No tool wear, good data compliance; Whether it is simple or complex parts, it can be cut with laser precision and rapid prototyping. It has a narrow slit, good cutting quality, high automation level, cumbersome operation, low labor intensity and no pollution. The automatic cutting and nesting of cutting can be completed, and the data application rate is improved. The consumption of the money is low and the economic benefits are good. The application of laser cutting machine in future sheet metal processing is an inevitable trend.

Agricultural machinery industry

Agriculture continues to develop, and all kinds of agricultural machinery are constantly updated. Agricultural machinery product type tends to be diversified and specialized, according to processing power, processing object classification, processing type divided into dozens. The upgrades and updates of these products also provide new requirements for the manufacture of farm machinery products. Laser cutting machine advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology, accelerate the manufacture and development of agricultural machinery products, improve economic efficiency. Reduce the production cost of farm machinery products.

Laser processing has gradually become an important means for agricultural machinery and equipment processing and production, which has promoted the rapid development of agricultural machinery industry and realized win-win development of different industries.

Advertising industry

For the advertising industry, the general processing products, metal and non-metal material, therefore, more than one kind of industry applications of laser cutting machine technology provides a big advantage, processing to the advertising for advertising the traditional processing equipment, is the general processing AD fonts such as material, due to the machining accuracy, cutting surface is not ideal, lead to rework probability is, for the advertising industry is a waste of cost, greatly reduces the working efficiency.

The equipment adopts the laser cutting machine, however, can effectively solve the problem of this type, is of high precision laser cutting technique, cutting surface, auxiliary gas processed with pure, can be the perfect embodiment. Laser cutting machine equipment also can carry on some complex graphics processing, processing can be completed in the traditional technology can accomplish, for advertising company enlarged processing products, improve the market and the side of micro enterprise adds additional profits, without the need for secondary rework, a complete operation remain the customer's state of mind, a stable customer resources.

Garment manufacturing industry

As an important part of China's economy, the future garment industry will be an important downstream market for the promotion and development of laser cutting equipment. However, most of the garment industry is still in manual cutting mode. Only a small number of high-end factories use computer control machine to cut out the machine.

Kitchenware industry

In the processing industry of kitchenware, the oil and smoke machine and the burner use a large number of sheet metal panel, use the traditional processing mode to work efficiency low, the mold consumption is large, the use cost is high, restrict this new product development.

The emergence of laser cutting machine equipment solves the problem that has been perplexed to the manufacturers of kitchen appliances. Using laser cutting machine to process the panel and develop new products rapidly, the cutting speed of laser processing equipment is extremely fast, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. At the same time, the cutting of laser machining equipment is extremely high, which increases the yield of the lampblack machine and the burner. For some special-shaped products, laser cutting machine has a unique advantage