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the Advantages of direct laser engraving

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Direct laser engraving has the following advantages:

High production efficiency - the direct laser engraving process is greatly simplified, requiring only half the time of the traditional engraving process. Duplicating an order is only required to upload a file - so the whole process is only a few minutes away.

Excellent printing quality - the perfect printing size means the best ink transfer and the high contrast of fine lines. So small barcodes and text don't need to change size for clarity and scanning. The relief base makes the dot expansion rate of the high-gloss eagle area smaller. Unsupported sites undergo long wear and tear to ensure dimensional stability. The design of dot relief is designed to prevent dust accumulation in non-graphic areas.

The plate quality is more stable -- the two printing sleeve can achieve the same.
Longer service life - no printing plate expansion/bloating. Seamless printing can also be achieved.
The cost of making a plate is lower -- the only cost is the energy consumed by the system, and the cost of a very small amount of CO2 gas and the printing plate itself. A compact structure means more space can be saved.

Good environmental performance - again, no chemicals and UV light are used throughout the process, using only a small amount of water and CO2. That means there will be no waste to limit emissions.
Quality advantage.

At present, there are a series of engraving devices in the market -- the wide engraving machine is mainly aimed at the flexible version, catering to the needs of wide and narrow suppliers. The professional narrow engraving system can be used for flexographic, relief, waterless offset printing and rotary screen printing, and provides a complete solution for various pre-printing production. Professional rotary screen device is a good choice for large - scale users.

In general, the printer can control the printing process in a comprehensive way so that the cost can be controlled within a reasonable range and ensure the perfect quality and stability of the printing plate. With the shortening of the pre-press production cycle, printers are more flexible in responding to market challenges because the length of the industry's delivery time has become a major competitive tool.

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