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Talk about plasma cutting and laser cutting-superwave laser cutting machine

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 16, 2018

Plasma cutting and laser cutting is cutting machine in three different ways of cutting in the market have a certain market, this article will from the cutting quality, production capacity, operation cost and maintenance methods of two kinds of cutting way to do a simple comparative analysis. Flame cutting, cutting nozzle in air pressure factors such as height, and the preheating time, whole cutting material deformation scale is larger, can not adapt to the need of high precision cutting, and cutting speed is low, due to the need to preheat before cutting at the same time, take time, it is difficult to meet the need of unmanned operation.

Cutting quality: the area with excellent heating effect of plasma cutting Angle is small ยท basic no slag, good to excellent fine cutting effect; The laser cutting Angle is excellent. The area with the influence of the heat is small. The basic non-slag can achieve good fine cutting effect under the narrowest bending condition.

Production capacity: plasma cutting and cutting of various thickness of metal materials with extremely fast speed. Laser cutting torch can quick disconnect, increase the production efficiency, cutting thickness less than 6 mm speed when the metal materials, metal is thicker, the slower speed, the more thick metal, punch the longer. General laser cutting is used in non-metal cutting metal only high precision will use laser cutting!

Operation cost: long service life, good production efficiency and excellent cutting quality, the cost of single operation is lower than other technologies; The cost of single operation is high because of the power and gas consumption, high maintenance cost and relatively low cutting speed.

Maintenance methods: plasma cutting can usually be properly maintained by the maintenance team in the factory. Laser cutting requires professional technicians to complete complex maintenance work!

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