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Superwave Laser welding wire

Superwave Laser Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 16, 2017

Laser welding is to concentrate the light energy and heat energy in a small (0.2mm ~ 2.0mm) light spot, and melt the wire and mold base in an instant (0.5ms ~ 20ms). After the melt cooling, the welding quality can be guaranteed if the metallographic tissue in the welding part is in accordance with the mould. If not, there may be trachoma, rifts, or adhesion.

Welding quality:

1. If the metal strip like the mold is selected as the laser welding wire, the metallographic tissue of the molten metal will not be consistent with the mould material, which will affect the welding quality.

2. If the stainless steel wire is selected, or the material that is near stainless steel is used for the laser wire, the above problems will also be present, which will not guarantee the hardness of the welding. Because stainless steel is less carbon, hardness is low, welding after welding is easy to wear.

3. Germany imported welding wire for different mold materials, different models. But differs from that of argon arc welding, laser welding is a highly concentrated light energy and heat welding, for the choice of welding wire type need not very strict, as long as the guarantee good welding followed by the melting of mother materials and hardness is consistent, can achieve very good welding quality.

Preservation of the wire:

Because the laser wire is alloy material, not stainless steel wire, preservation is not good can rust. Some laser welding wire on the surface plating has a very thin layer of rust material, but the antirust coating layer can't be too thick, it will also affect the welding quality, because the rust layer of impurities in the welding process. In particular, the welding wire of welding mirror mould is not suitable for coating.

The wire shall be packed in a sealed bag with moisture proof beads stored in a dry environment. If put in the environment that has air conditioning in the long run, can save six months to a year does not rust.

If the wire is rusted, use sandpaper to hit the surface of the rust layer to the light, which can be used without affecting the welding quality.